Internet Marketing – Article Writing

Now that you have your keywords selected, it’s time to use them to help search engines index your website content.

Write and publish articles on your website that apply to your niche. Articles should be informative, enjoyable to read, and as unique as possible.

Work your chosen keyword phrases into the content, naturally highlighting your webpage’s relevance to the topic. Ideally, your website should have enough content to become the authority in your market sector.


Unique and substantive content should always be your primary focus when publishing articles on your website. Google has very intelligent algorithms that are written specifically to ferret out spammy usage of keywords in webpage content.

As of this writing, the consensus for proper keyword density is about 3%. That just means that only three percent of the words on a page should be your keyword.

If you feel like this is getting too technical, that’s because it probably is.

The best way to create content for your website is to write naturally about the topic. You want to work in keywords as you can, but not just to have them.


Adding content to your website shouldn’t be a hard task. If you need to pay a web designer to add article content or worse, you can’t add article content at all, then think about revamping your website to use a CMS (Content Management System) Like WordPress.